Rose Robin AKA The Painting Pirate

Her ‘irrational lack of fear’ and ability to face things with “both feet on the ground and hands on her hips” as she puts it perhaps sums up the persona behind the name she coined for herself as a young artist – ‘the painting pirate’.


Muralist, painter, documentary film maker, teacher, art therapist.

Sunday Times article about my lifes work

I am very good at understanding my clients needs.

After talking to you for a short while I will draw a design of the mural you are looking for.

I ask for $250 a day for my work. A mural can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month depending on the size and detail.

I have given examples of time and size of each mural you see here.

to contact me for an estimate: Email me

1) The Orca is part of a 600 meter squared mural at Jaffna railway station, this part of painting took 2 days to paint.

2) The mural in the hospital took 1 day

3) The Blue whale took 3 days to paint

Video of the 600 Meter squqred Mural at Jaffna Railway Station Sri Lanka.

It took me 19 days to complete this mural.

(I can paint on any thing. This is a shipping container in BC Canada it took me 8 days to paint this mural.)

(The stair case at the Museum of Avallon in France took me 2 days. Oil painting on canvas of the Eiffel tower took me 2 days. A tourist map at a hostel in Marsielle in France tookk me 3 days.)

(A whale in Jaffna Sri Lanka 3 days. An Absract painting in a jazz club in France 1 day. A mural in a home in Kandy Sri Lanka 4 days. A mural in a resort in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka 3 days. A ceiling painting in a hospital in Galle Sri Lanka 1 day.)

(Video of mural in Sri Lanka at the Kalpitiya kitesurf Lanka resort. I took me 3 days to paint.)

Performance Painting in London and Paris Rose... by RJLR 

(An Orca mural in Jaffna Sri Lanka 4 days. A mural in an abandoned childrens home in Sri Lanka 4 days.)

(Moutain view mural in a vinyard in BC Canada 4 days. Two small murals in a hostel BC Canada 1 day. A mural in a hostpial in Sri Lanka 1 day.)

(The bedroom doors of a guesthouse in BC Canada 2 days)


70 Meter long mural at the Galle Prison Sri Lanka it took me 15 days to paint.


5km long Mural Mexico


La Paz Baja California Mexico 18 days


Nice south of France 5 days


NYC USA 5 days


Island Re West France 2 days



Rose Robin

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